Assistant Instructor


Groupe Guide, Self Rescue Diver, pda med Instructor up-to-date medical certification

The objective of this course is to provide the student with the necessary skills he needs planning and leading a Group. He must be in able to carrying a high responsibility for all diving activities and should assist the Instructor to teach the students during their practical and theoretical Education. He has the professional skill to identify emergency cases in advance and practise First Aid but he is not allowed to perform any further medical treatment. He is well versed in Rescue Diving. And he makes the first Part of the Instructor ITC-Course. A final exam in theory and practice completes the course. This course will be the first step on your way to an Instructor. A certified, insured and active Assistant Instructor may assist the Instructor, may perform Refresh and Discover Courses.


Level Member

minimum Age 18 Years and 100 logged dives