Cavern Diver


15 Years with parental approved. Advanced Open Water Diver

The cavern diver shows you techniques for safe cave diving. Enter this new world and you will never forget it! The course takes minimum 2 days, including 6 hrs theory as well as diving briefings. 4 diving practises will be performed, including 2 in different caves with a maximum depth of 30 meters. 1 diving practice will be performed in freewater as well as safety drills like gas separation and trailing the cord in a "no-visibility-situation". During the course the following items will be discussed in theory and tested in practice: - under water Communication, - several diving techniques (trimming, frogkick, etc.), - genesis of caverns, - Equipment configuration, - Usage of reels and cords, - planning of divings. The maximum penetration depth for cavern divings is 40m with daylight as a light source, no narrow parts, no decompression divings, maximum depth is 30m. All divings will be performed with a monotank or double device, the visibility has to be at least 10m. After successfully passing the course you will get your brevet card which will qualify you for the secure diving at the entrance of caverns, within the limits you learned during this course.


Level non Member

mimimum Age 18 Years, 50 logged dives