Full Cave Diver


pda Rescue Diver or similar and pda-tec Intro Cave Diver.

The full cave diver by far is the biggest challenge in the diving sport. For many divers this training ist the beginning of a series of cavern diving qualifications, which will ensure a safe introduction into several fields and allows you unforgettable experiences. The minimum course period is 3 days, including 8 hrs theory and diving briefings. 8 cavern dives and 1 open water dive will be practiced. The maximum depth is 40m, the air control amounts to 1/3 maximum for the penetration. The dives will be practiced with doubletanks and the following skills will be deepened: - Sharing of gas in different situations, - Loss of diving partner, - loss of cords, - Cutting and repairing of cords, - diving over complex cordleads, - loops, - gaps, - jumps, - circles, and many more. The full cave certificate can be obtained during one course or be obtained with different levels (cavern, intro cave, full cave). The courses will be credited due to the discretionary authority of the instructor. After successfully passing the course you will get your brevet card which will qualify you for planning and performing secure divings in a complex cave environment within the limits you learned during this course.


Level non Member

minimum Age 18 Years, 100 logged dives