TEC-Full Trimix Diver


pda Rescue Diver or similar and Nitrox Diver up to 40% O2 content+, pda-tec Diver Level 1 and 35 deco dives > 35 m with different decompression gases.

The Trimix Diver course is based on the skills of the Tec Deep Diver course. It will qualify you for the skills and peculiarities of diving with heliumblends. This course destinguishes itself through a sophisticated and elaborate concept with the assistance of most modern presentation and manuals. Divings upto maximum 75m depth under utilization of heliumblends will be practiced. Divings from 30m will be practiced with Trimix. Outstanding topics among others are: - Divings with helium optimised dekogases and deko adjustment calculations under water(deco on the fly). Minimun course period is 6 days including 5 Trimix divings and theory units. At the beginning of the course the skills of the Tec Deep or a similar brevet will be verified.


Level non Member

minimum Age 18 Years, 150 logged dives