Intro Cave Diver


pda Rescue Diver or similar and Cavern Diver

The intro cave course is the immediate continuation of the cavern qualification and the direct step into the sophisticated world of the cavern systems. The minimum course period is 3 days, 4 divings have to be practiced, which will lead you into different cavern systems. The theoretical items are: - planning of the diving, - usage of reels and cords, - communication, - diving techniques, - coping with stress, - cavern environment, - accident prevention and analysis. The limitation of the intro cave course consists in the maximum penetration depth of 800' (240m). No Narrowing parts, maximal depth is 130' (30m), no decompression divings. All divings have to be performed with a doubletank, the entire cavern diving equipment has to be used. The visibility has to be at least 10m. The divings will only lead to the main cord, no complex cavern diving will be performed. The training of certain skills will prepare you for stress situations like: - gas sharing in touch contact with low visibility, - lost cord, - loss of diving partner, - problems with main lights, diving without mask, valve training. After successfully passing the course you will get your brevet card which will qualify you for planning and performing secure divings along the main cord of caverns (no complex cavern diving) within the limits you learned during this course.


Level non Member

minimum Age 18 Years, 100 logged dives