Tec Diver Deep Air


pda Rescue Diver or similar and Nitrox Diver up to 40% O2 content+, pda-tec Diver Level 1

This course qualifies you for the performance of the following divings: - zerohour-divings with gas switches - decompression divings and - "accelerated" decompression divings, where air and "Enriched Air" is used and the diving depth ist upto 50m (maximal depth permit of brevet). During the course divings with air upto max. 44m will be trained. This course teaches you information about dangers and risks of the "technical diving" as well as techniques and methods in preparation and reaction to reasonably predictable emergencies which can occur during "technical diving". The TEC Deep Diver Course consists of elements of TEC Diver Level 1 and the extended TEC Deep Diver course.


Level non Member

minimum Age 18 Years, 150 logged dives